Aaron Kerr's Dissonant Creatures are hitting the road for a weekend in Milwaukee!  Check out the group at the Jazz Gallery on October 27th, and at Var Gallery on October 28th!  Both shows are all ages, with a $5 cover charge.

Layers&Layers will be back at Linneman's in Milwaukee on Nov. 4th with Nickel & Rose, and Rocket Paloma! 9pm $5 

We at EPR are pleased to announce that AARON KERR'S new album, "UNION COUNTY FOREVER" is out NOW!  Available on BANDCAMP, iTUNES, AMAZON, etc.  Written as an homage to the land and farm of his great-grandparents in South Dakota, cellist Aaron Kerr composed the songs on Union County Forever with charming instrumental vignettes in mind. Taking a break from his usual work with rock bands and experimental/avant-garde projects, Aaron got together with collaborators Jeff Crandall and Mike Nordby to create more traditional, folk arrangements to reflect the rural American Gothic style life in the midwest. The group made it's debut by performing in an old church built by Aaron's great-grandfather in Union County, South Dakota.